Life. Iron Lung. Death. LP​/​CD (LUNGS​-​069)


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Ken Sanderson says this:
"Debut LP by the Reno, Nevada- San Francisco Bay Area- Seattle, Washington Power violence Duo IRON LUNG. Twenty one tracks of pure brutality -stop-start-blast-grind-stop madness. Drummer Jensen previous was in VAE VICTUS, ARTIMUS PYLE, COLD SWEAT and is currently in SOCIETY NVRSE and WALLS. Guitarist Jon was in GOB and also is currently in PIG HEART TRANSPLANT."

Originally released by 625 and Boredom Noise. Then by Prank. Now on Iron Lung Records forever.


released January 6, 2004

Jensen Ward & Jon Kortland - genius
Dan Rathbun - sound



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Track Name: Diagnosis
(stage 1) The skin is red. does not return. not normal. relief of pressure. (stage 2) Skin is blistered, peeling, cracked. damage is still minor. (stage 3) skin may be damaged. drainage. it may be seen. (stage 4) Deep crater-like ulcers, full thickness of skin. tissues are destroyed. now you have been diagnosed. now you know you're option-less. the only choice is to go underneath the knife. sedation. face the knife or meet DEATH.
Track Name: Condemned
infantile respirators increased the chance of their survival. IRON LUNGS for all the children stricken by the crippling curse. then the vaccines condemned the machine that prolonged the lives of children.
Track Name: Shingles
Painful outbreak along my side. painful blisters rapidly appear. virus stays dormant along the spinal cord in the nerve root. herpes roster now becomes active.
Track Name: One Cure For Two Diseases
For use with patients who have no power. mullikins can travel with you, the portable type of IRON LUNG. wear the chest plate,snap the hose in and move with pride. passengers with polio no longer bed ridden. wear your shiny IRON LUNG. be the envy of their eyes. the 50's now belong to you. when polio is on the move, consume. baby boomers with the virus still wither slowly yet high in fashion. buy the goods and be supreme. you'll still die.
Track Name: Cauterization
burning or branding iron. to burn with a hot iron or needle or with a caustic substance so as to destroy dead or unwanted tissue. prevent the spread of infection. cauterization.
Track Name: Paralyzed Words
40 years in an IRON LUNG. at least the neckbrace prevents him from seeing his withered, fucked up body. the only way he can cope with the pain is by pouring out paralyzed words. pain and suffering turned to poetry.
Track Name: Manufactured
manufactured DEATH compartment. manufactured DEATH compartment. custom made for the patient. manufactured LIFE depression.
Track Name: Care For The Machine
put light cylinder oil in the four joints of operating lever. check gear reduction unit once a year filling with 600w mobile oil. wipe leather diaphragm inside and out once a year.
Track Name: A Grim Possibility For Owen Moses
too much oxygen in the bloodstream metabolism affected. grossly underweight. bottom 10%. open heart surgery on a fucking baby.
Track Name: Life. Iron Lung. Death.
Track Name: Primal Therapy Pt. 3
Foetal enlightenment.
Release, in a form of tearfall,
the repressed sufferings
from before and during birth
This is vital.
Now you understand LIFE and emotion.
Track Name: Rate Of Respiration
turn band wheel to right to increase the rate of respiration. changing respiration rate. turn left to decrease the rate.
Track Name: Life's Worth
when confined to a respiration device, one tends to question the worth of LIFE. should I breathe and suffer or rest in DEATH? DEATH. now I wait. patience.
Track Name: Cleansing Breath
Swiss tested v-shaped valve
(guillotine) revolutionized
mechanical breathing.
Every fifth breath
is a cleansing breath.
80c 20m 1980.
Track Name: Stricken
stricken. paradise lost to polio. friends are gone. the curse of LIFE in an IRON LUNG. everyone forgets you're alive. die alone and in pain.
Track Name: Complications
food or vomit aspirated. serious ulcers lacerated. complications may arise when the patient is immobilized. complications may arise when the patient is placed inside the device.
Track Name: Jarvik 7
"... and this came from the understanding that people want a normal LIFE." "... and just being alive is not good enough." an artificial heart intended to last a LIFEtime
Track Name: Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis
focal segmental glomerular sclerosis. inability to process proteins. fluid retention and great swelling. damaged glomerulus waste products in my blood. diurectics excrete excess salt and water. use prednisone to destroy infection.
Track Name: Thankful
54 years old, 51 interred. longest living victim, she remains thankful. confinement to the massive respirator bulbo-spinal polio. "I've had a good LIFE"
Track Name: ...As Technology Advances
scientists and profiteers are stalling conditions. drinkers and emersons are stalling conditions. as technology advances.