Broken • A Collaboration 7" (LUNGS​-​006)


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(LUNGS-006) IRON LUNG/HATRED SURGE - Broken: A Collaboration - 7"
Alex, Jon and I wrote and recorded all the songs on this classy little platter a while back. THIS IS NOT A SPLIT! Splits are over. This is all three players on all eight songs. Yet we still managed to maintain our separate musical identities. The music found here is immediate, anguished and brutal power-violence style hardcore, just the way it should be.


released May 27, 2008

Jon Kortland, Alex Hughes & Jensen Ward



all rights reserved
Track Name: Eraser
Hate yourself. Bring her down. Hate yourself. Beat this shit until it's dead. Control. Mental abuse. Verbal abuse. Pick the scab. Never heals. Erase you from existence. Erase you from this world. Erase you from this life. Erase you from her mind.
Track Name: Cold Ward
Strapped down in a cold ward bed. Keep me here for your safety. Once docile now feared. I used to bite my nails, now I bite the feeding hands. I can reach those at least. Keep me tied down or I'll kill you first.
Track Name: Rehabilitation
I will nurse you back to health. Rehabilitation. Until you are strong enough. And then you can leave me for good.
Track Name: The Collection
A broken tooth collection extracted from my knuckles. Keepsakes in a jar. A measurement of power.
Track Name: Awakening
Pain. Lust. Hunger. Pleasure. No trust. No guilt. Brain Floods. Agent takes my position. When I wake up, you'll wish you were never born.
Track Name: Hunted
Around every corner. Unblinking eyes. Breathe the air. I can smell your sweat. Everywhere you run. Everywhere you hide. Every time you think, I'm gone. Forever hunted. Waiting for the kill. Never forgiven. Never forgotten.
Track Name: Nightcrawler
Feel the dirt. Dead to the world. Nails grow strong. I adapt, I will learn. Eyes burn slow. Won't need them anymore. Mind keeps on running. I adapt, I will learn. Dig through the endless filth. Tear through rotten roots. I live under you. Nightcrawler.
Track Name: Oppressor//Suppressor
Withered body. Weathered face. Grit your teeth. Wear them away. I am stress in your jaws. I am stress between your eyes. Bury me deep so no one can see. Bury me deeper til you push me away. Burning bile. Aches and pains. Nights of restless sleep. I'm the only secret you can't keep. I'm a fucking nuisance. I'm under your skin.