Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed​/​We All Die In The End 7" (LUNGS​-​015)


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Bitchy Jennai
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Bitchy Jennai No Statik has a quality that I really enjoy. Really tight vocals, and always sounds so on point. The drumming is a stand out for me as well, where the rest of the songs aren't terribly melodic, the drums keeps things from sort of washing away into noise, which is awesome. All the punch of loud fast hardcore without feeling disorganized. One of my faves.
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NO STATIK - Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed/We All Die In The End - 7" (LUNGS-015)
Plainly said, NO STATIK is crushing female fronted hardcore. It's vicious, ugly and uncomfortable. Pure vision. Any flowery description of the sound will only detract from what you need to know. And that is the end is coming and this is the soundtrack. Consisting of ex-members from Artimus Pyle, Scrotum Grinder and Look Back and Laugh, these miscreants have a direction in mind and they are not stopping until we all reach the apocalypse. Strap in.

OUT OF PRINT on vinyl.


released May 30, 2010

B, Collins, Ruby, Mark



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