Dead Language LP (LUNGS​-​020)


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Paranoia 01:54
Tension. You wear the silent grimace of paranoia. The conversation is carved into your face. Tense. Grave. Suspicious. Your tired conscience is frozen with hate and fear. Talk to no one. The enemy's always listening. Tense. Grave. Suspicious. Talk to no one. Now you've realized (that) you are alone. Trust is a fantasy. You are alone. They are out to get you.
Kingdom Come 00:41
When the maniac opens fire, will you keep shopping? When the maniac opens fire, will you turn a blind eye?
Losing years to the mundane. Grinding us down. We are not free. We are slaves to their idea of what life's supposed to be. Not any more. Not any more. We've taken control and you're scared shitless. We own life. We own destiny. We have control. We have the fucking knife.
They're still out there. We don't go outside anymore. There are people out there. Stay inside. Stay safe from them. We do not interact. Only children and animals are still blind to this petty life where we've learned to shut down. A sentry is posted at all corners. Paradise at a premium. At what age does the delusion become reality? When did you forget? They're still out there, fucker, and they're coming for you.
A study in weakness is being conducted always. You will not have the strength to overcome. Everyone will see it happen. They will win. You will fail. Fail. Your life's an embarrassment to us all.
Short Straw 00:28
This time I will fight. Trapped inside this fucking skin. I kicked and clawed my way outside just to see that they still win. I always draw the shortest straw.
Ignorance 00:54
Clap your hands to the rhythm. Follow along like a sheep in a flock too scared to be free. Do what he does or be dead. Pristine, beautiful ignorance. You'll never strive to be aware. You'll never know. You'll never care. You've been spoon-fed everything. Life is easy so clap your hands to the rhythm you simple fuck. Do what he does or you'll be dead.
A deliberate, primitive yearn for superstition and unreason. Enter the new dark age. Retreat to inner darkness. The future will be constant struggle. Psychopathic competition. March toward willed insanity. Escape from a rational world.
Misanthropy 09:23
Us versus them. Having to share this world with filth like them is making us swell with rage. We endure it. We wade through it. Social rank is sickness. The bile in our mouths is rotting the enamel that shields a forced smile. The fortress is decaying. The fortress is decaying. Once the walls degrade and all hell breaks loose, they'll be running scared. The fury will engulf them. Engulf them. Human scum. Life killers. The elite. Motherfuckers. Us versus them. You're all one of them. You're all one of them. Misanthropic survivors ride alone in victory. You're all one of them. You're all one of them. Untouchable and wanting nothing undeserved. Respect the weight of nature's hammer. The process of weeding out is complete. Us versus them.


20 minutes of pure, ear-crippling power violence played by members of IRON LUNG, GAS CHAMBER, COLD SWEAT, MAN IN THE BASTARD and NO COMMENT. There will never be another like this. Check and mate... P.V. R.I.P.
1700 copies of 140g black, 200 on white, 100 on red vinyl housed in a dual varnished 22pt jacket. Includes download code.


released June 16, 2011

Noise............Bailey, Kortland, Wilkinson
Voice..............................Beattie, Ward
Presentation....................Browne, Ward
Guitar.........................Kortland, Turner
Sound..........................Long, Wilkinson


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