Hemorrhaging Light LP (LUNGS​-​054)


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GAS CHAMBER - Hemorrhaging Light LP + Flexi w/ download (LUNGS-054)
Buffalo hardcore has always made a significant yet largely misunderstood contribution to the furthering of musical mastery. And "Hemorrhaging Light" is no exception. With the same 7 notes that everyone else uses, GAS CHAMBER have managed to completely turn mere punk music into a tense, trans-formative journey. Very rarely in punk do we get to have a complete life shift in the space of one album. This is incredible music.
500 copies on black vinyl housed in a heavy duty reverse board jacket with a bonus flexi disc. Sounds by John Angelo. Art by Craig Sheperd.


released June 24, 2014

Sheperd - Vocals
Bolger - Bass, Vocals, Noise, lyrics
Nowacki - Drums
Bailey - Guitar, Noise


all rights reserved


Track Name: Gypsy
recreate in birth, stagnant at conception,
ever here will lie, forgiven and innocuous,
a childish fish

a birch compels the animals close to
exhale so that it will live
a corpse beckons inside the morgue
"find out why i cannot move"
a teacher asks her student
"what about me would you have changed?"
a human being asks another
"would you care if i am sick?
are you not rested? i am untended"
Track Name: Stacked Logs
rape moans saturating the spectrum of sound
extant evidence of slaughter trapped within the soil
bloated tomatoes forced to ripen early
ejaculate the spirit long before dying
flesh piles compose tiny hollow cabins
windowless walls, waste none of the animal
Track Name: Time Lapse
future corpses gathering in some alleys
preconception of trauma grafted into daily life
remorseless sadism is worth more than consideration
the panel of the wise should destroy the control altar

night commuters ritualize traveling safely
avoiding police who may hinder sleep
time lapses without any opportunities to eat

grieving words, a chain-smoking priest
kneeling in mud, clawing at a grave
at the time of disfigurement
the ideal lesion is the one that kills
Track Name: True Abolition
no living citizen shall have
incurred three felony convictions
no child born shall be the fourth
after the specified date in peace or war
Track Name: Light Trapped
mentally wandering away from uniform unrest
the creator becomes self-aware while giving prayer in the nest
subjects of sublimation contaminate and coalesce
predecessors fought despair as awakened to assess
within each layer the living perpetrate an equal death
Track Name: White
leprous children crave
more of themselves for
horizontal traveling
on some caustic days

poles, scrapers, and towers spray white holocaust
in absence of violence, find social wealth
depositors remind themselves of long-forgotten fluids
mortality efficiently extricates gluttony

caravans of refugees exhaust hosts
swelling organs attract attention
a bursting woman farrowing
as the head emerges, her phallus is

milk dribbles from
the methuselah tree
line up at the trough
bury in the bit
Track Name: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
the tunnel with the light at the end keeps getting longer
in this maze black alleys are prehensile
does the life of an etruscan seem as fascinating
if there are septillion stars
and I only am escaped alone to tell thee forever
Track Name: Quality Of Death
a child's feet crushed
parading frozen infants
minorities gassed
twentieth century decisions

moon moon karmarkar
was low hanging fruit
pelico leaped on
december 31st
the twelve apostles

qualify the subject
of consequence
death or life
gliese 581 g
Track Name: Pigeon
imposed role of harbinger
carrying word of the sentence home
silent symbol of resolution
nothing will not ever end
not always the powerful who can survive

arrogance is as transparent as sleeping lucidity
infinity hourglass all moments kairos will erase
nothing proving people were ever even here

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