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Pig Hands 00:42
It was a simple operation. Pig hands botch and fail. I remain a mangled form of one already flawed. A mask will not hide you and latex will not cover... Pig hands use dull blades and dirty tools. Disappointed. Deformed. Disfigured. Grotesque.
Stone Hands 00:44
Stone hands are pain. Pain. Excrutiating pain. Some days are better than others. Today is no good. I want to but I can't. I would caress but stone hands are in tense pain.
Violence and depression make for future corpses. Disease. Power through fear makes for future corpses. Limbs burn with disease. Or do they? It could be lies they told you to keep you down. Controlled. So you know, you'll still die but you can go out and hunt them down. Make them die scared.
Marching through the doldrums. We are no sex. Featureless, futureless, We exist scraping through the tasks. Such a hateful noise the scraping of machines. Working in unison and weeping on alone. No sex//no sex. Sexless//no sex. We are no sex. Sexless//no sex. Just death. Death.
Lost Appeal 00:40
Eating has lost it's appeal now that my bowels no longer handle waste easily. This human machine is fucking broken.
Pressure 01:26
Negative pressure destroying//rebuilding Positive pressure destroying//rebuilding There is so much pressure in this fucking machine Devices devised to sustain my depressing life So much trouble just to keep the family pleased He’s alive. He’s okay. Too much pressure. Unrelenting stresses constantly destroy me My body is crushed to death every time it breathes Too much pressure. It’s destroying me
Do you want to know how they decide Who gets cured and who gets killed Money. Fame. Power. Beauty. A good citizen is guaranteed an out While deviants fester in the final solution Warm springs was a welcome relief But they made it WHITES ONLY While the “others” decayed in polio ghettos FDR swam and giggled with the wasp elite The politics of science Money. Fame. Power. Beauty. Status. Race. Who gets cured? It’s not you. It’s not me either.
Medic 01:08
In the fields of pointless military conflict Runs a man armed with needles and gauze No bombs of death or guns of destruction Just skills and tools to make men live long enough Constant triage Crawling from corpse to corpse His work is never ending Amidst the insanity the medic sees two truths Screaming dulls the pain When the screaming stops Move on, he’s gone
White Flag 00:30
Unbearable heat. Bedsores. Shitstained pants Loneliness. I have dreams of upright sex My body is stiff like coma sleep I’ve reached the breaking point. Unplug. Die.
Contested 00:31
I am germs. I kill man. Man will try to live on and will fail.
Here//Alone 00:31
Don’t let me die here. Don’t let me die alone No one will help me with my plan Just let me die here. Last thing I ask you Put me down like a rabid dog
Autojector 01:27
The experiment begins. Drain the blood. Re-animated heart Simulated blood flow. Re-animated lung. Artificial oxygen A ghoulish design. Autojector. Walking death. Waking limbs Walking death. Autojector. Willed to live Carries out the functions of the heart and lungs Technique is everything. Experiments in the revival of dead flesh Technique is everything
Semiconscious. Unable to speak. Tubes… One in the nose. One in the neck Elegance and beauty are replaced by palsy and torpor On fire with pain. Throat muscles rendered useless Her long slender neck is marred by a raw sunken hole A metal fixture holding a rubber tube A slice in the throat allowed the phlegm to be drawn out Saving her from drowning in her own mucus. First night in
Liars 01:00
Every night I sleep in a room where somebody died I live in a fucking tomb where everybody lies Why? Why am I so lucky? They said I wouldn’t catch it. They are liars They don’t know. There was no escape There was nothing I could do. I do what they said I stayed away from friends I took all the precautions right up ‘till the end Now, like them, ill die in this fucking machine A strong young man that once was No longer dwells where I now sleep I hope they something nice at my funeral
One man in charge of the corpse. Calloused hands from shovel handles He built this tomb alone. “No one came to see him buried A talented doctor and skilled engineer He built machines that saved lives. They kept people breathing”. All good deeds so unnoticed. They kept breathing “A man so great lamented by none, forgotten by all. Buried alone.”
She is gone now. She won’t be back. Won’t touch the button Wont shed a tear. Watch the clock. Count the hours Quietly waiting. Quietly dying ‘till it’s time to ignite Leave as ashes
Skills 00:53
Skills. Scalpels and sweat all you need are these Three things to become a success. Sliced. Fatal Failure a promising career fades. No room for weakness Trembling hands barely force the last blade in
Lassitude and fever. Strictly routine in these cases Curl into a fetal position. Expose the spine Needle through the skin. Draw out the fluid Analysis complete. Life with polio. No hope Six days at best. Death will come soon
A Farce 00:58
Love is the supreme farce. What a fucking joke Life is a lurching seething entity engulfing all Sex is a repulsive bi-product of boredom Life is a farce. Sex is a farce. Love is a farce A repulsive farce
Cancer 02:37
I feel you inside me. Cold. Ruthless. I feel you eating me Raw. Lifeless. You will strike me down without hate Without anger. Like a butcher. Like a surgeon. Cold Ruthless. Cancer. You will strike me down without fear Without remorse. Like an animal devouring its prey Cold. Ruthless. Cancer. I feel you inside me Cold. Ruthless. Like an animal tearing the meat clean off the bone.


Sandy says:

Re-pressed on Pale Orange vinyl ( 405) and Clear with a hint of Green ( 401) with download code.

Destructive power violence hardcore, The Second LP from Seattle-via-San Francisco-Via-Reno's IRON LUNG follows to the point of their abrasive blend of low end crushing heavy lumbering split with devastating and inventive fast thrash and bleak lyrics skewed through medical malpractice. This 20-song second LP follows up their "life. Iron Lung.Death" LP on 625 Thrash on top of a ridiculous number of 7"'s, split releases, cassettes, CD-R's and other limited releases. The Duo that is IRON LUNG sit at the forefront of the modern Power Violence resurgence, continually re-inventing the formula and pushing it to new extremes. IRON LUNG members were previously in ARTIMUS PYLE, GEHENNA, GOB and VAE VICTUS, Currently also play in PIG HEART TRANSPLANT, WALLS and SOCIETY NURSE and have toured extensively throughout the US, Australia, Europe, SE Asia and Japan.
"SEXLESS//NO SEX" was recorded at Polymorph Studios by Dan Rathbun.The cover artwork is mind blowing pen and ink scratching by NICK BLINKO of RUDIMENTARY PENI..


released December 1, 2007

Jensen Ward & Jon Kortland - genius
Nick Blinko - art
Dan Rathbun - engineer


all rights reserved



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