Social Capital (LUNGS​-​179)


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mywifeisgoingtokillme I LOVE THIS BAND! I want to marry them! They wouldn't have me though. Great band, everything I love. Favorite track: Life Is Hell.
julian sanchez
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julian sanchez It's as hard hitting as their other releases with that 80's hardcore style these guys never disappoint! Favorite track: Social Capital.
Jame Mendenhall
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Jame Mendenhall Fast, wild, and wicked Favorite track: Pledge Of Allegiance.
revelatory thumbnail
revelatory Though this proud papa wishes they didn’t write about how much they hate how babies smell, this might be their best yet. Big ethical steak marbled with weird birdlike riffs and some very tuneful moaning. You already know the sound. But do you?
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☆R●gR4f☆ ...birrrth iiisss viioolleence...liiife iiisss helll..
fuxxin all mad lads! luvs it. musicianship is next level, Voxals tear outa the keyholes of the relentless tempos...shheezus!
C'uzin Khewbekka <!4 +hat P.AShv♧♡ Favorite track: Life Is Hell.
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Bastards 01:26
All this time broadcasts of swine as they piss on all our graves with their disgrace Life is shit. You will be abused Hierarchal bad man won’t pay for our future Smash capitalism. Swear off the bastards! When you’re beat to shit and your spirit is bruised, they take our homes and don’t even use them Hierarchal bad man won’t pay for our future Smash capitalism. Swear off the bastards Complacent. So condescending Watch you open that dry mouth No idea what you’re defending Beat dog loves his master Chained up by the pool All this time broadcasts of swine as they piss on all our graves with their disgrace
Gutter 00:46
Why do all my problems bloom so large on me? I rip out the spiteful blossom and start to fucking bleed Silver snake in the grass Chop them up with broken glass The gutter is the garden Where I start to die Pathogens settle in I laugh and wonder why? I’m so sick Weak in my attack Sleep in pain through the distortion And the judgement that I lack
Way Too Slow 01:07
End of the line… All so blind… We lose our minds… The death of all mankind… Screaming drunk; old protest songs Living without hope Drunk drive our dumbass’ down to the end of history I can’t fucking cope Leave it all behind… What you’ve been assigned… All you’ve confined… We’re all doomed! Born into a warm bloodbath Like a fucking psychopath What’s the point of suicide? We’re already dying slow What’s the point of trying to hide? They’re listening through the phone Born in to mass suicide but it feels way too slow Born in to mass suicide but it feels way too slow…
Money loves a proud boy His demo in my street I’d like to watch some drunken queers Break all his perfect teeth He owns one of everything Except the things that he don’t know And all the souls he plans on drowning in his white shadow Marshall law is in effect The darkest century The chains they clatter Blue lives don’t matter Resources all deplete It’s worse than 1984 it’s 1492 And it won’t be lit up on no cracked screen When they fucking come for you It’s all a load of shit Try to beat us down I will not submit I rule my own sick thoughts Cops drug out in to the street and shot A life of quiet desperation If you don’t want it That’s a sin Pledge of allegiance Written out in wealth Poverty is violence It’s bad for your health Don’t let them break your wingspread Put your corpse on a shelf Take a shot at life before you fucking shoot yourself
Life Is Hell 01:06
Smiling in your photos Fuck your stupid life Population procreator Family sized pride Cars all bought I love the warm feedback It’s picture day for my family My sons gone down the wrong track Birth is violence Life is hell You sell your baby on the black market I hate the way they smell
Kicked around the burial ground Left without self defense Kill me now While gestapo march the street Violent hands wrapped around your throat They don’t belong to me You are no ones savior You just follow fucking trends Kill me now You say you ain’t police There’s stench upon your morning breath from all the shit you eat A personality too flamboyant Burn a day in paranoia I have so much Such joy; so much interaction Strange words; negative reactions But I have so much I got beat everyday of my life Cut my skin with glass and knife But I have so much I’ve been chased down and thrown in jail Criticized to my last detail But I have so much Who else is going to die? Will I wake up screaming in fear But I have so much If I’m not your ride or die Do you think I could at least get a ride? But I have so much… Social capital


ELECTRIC CHAIR - Social Capital 7" (LUNGS-179)

Picking up right where "Performative Justice" left off with ELECTRIC CHAIR cranking out their pitch perfect hyper active USHC filled to the brim with snarl and style. These manglers have sharpened their sticks and aimed them square at the hackneyed garbage parade that is modern society, just jabbing away at it until all thats left is a bloodied lump and maybe a tooth or something. Listen and bear witness to one of the best punk bands of our generation doing what needs to be done.

1000 copies of Discharge black 70gr vinyl housed inside a stunning silver foiled reverse board glue pocket sleeve with 14x14 poster included. Recorded by Detto. Mastered by Jack Control. Art by Collin Buhr with photographs by Dave Hoekje and type/design by Leoff Spennit.


released March 26, 2021

Dinah Corona - vocals
Electric Bill - bass
Dominic Munoz - guitar
Dennis Rackula - drums


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