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IRON LUNG - White Glove Test LP w/ deluxe digital download (LUNGS-038)
Slushat' comrades! White Glove Test is IRON LUNG's third studio album and follow-up to 2007's wildly successful Sexless//No Sex. What started out being the "slow industrial" concept album and pointedly left-field endeavor turned into a frantically paranoid and claustrophobic power-violence masterpiece complete with water tight stop/start compositions leading the way to crushing sludge bits intermingled with blistering hardcore pummel. It's what adults of the Cold War era would refer to as "your typical kill-your-mother-kill-your-father type stuff".
The best FEEDING artwork to date adorns a heavy duty gatefold sleeve and high quality black vinyl. It also comes with a digital download that contains the music album, a companion noise album and a combination of the two for a total of three separate but equal annihilations. Plus a video for viewing pleasures.


released March 1, 2013

Jensen Ward, Jon Kortland, Greg Wilkinson, Nic Schmidt, Kevin Clarke & Ken Sanderson


all rights reserved


Track Name: Pain Directive
It’s when pain is your guide that life has become easiest to navigate but so much more difficult to endure. Let the white gloves quell you.
Track Name: Heirs To The Prize
“From high up above it all, we spit on life. Busy doing man’s work, born in to the filth, we will watch them crawl like insects.”
Track Name: Non-Contact Visit
You can’t touch him. He’s infected. The disease will spread. It’s just best if you forget he lives. Scrub/Mask/Gown/Gloves: We protect the able. Bear witness to pain. Scrub/Mask/Gown/Gloves: We protect the people. Bear witness to Death.
Track Name: II
Russian made. Manned by dog, dogged by man.
Track Name: Containment
Hundreds of miles of tunnels spiral down into the bedrock of an ignored wasteland. No light dwells. No salvation, just degeneration and pain. The final expanse, sealed off for an unfathomed eternity. 100,000 years. The afterbirth of man’s design. The eventual demise of humanity is a self-fulfilling prophecy. They’ve been spent; we’ve been cast down. They endure while man decays. They endure while man fades.
Track Name: Absurdity
Science against the people. Atmospheric testing. Barrier Project. Pentagon Papers. Criminals of war singled out and profiled. Planned actions. Absurdity in massive scope. The killing of millions singled out and destroyed. Bombing. Burning. Maiming. Killing. Accepted being hated is part of life.
Track Name: Hidden Task
White glove test finds more filth.
Track Name: Brutal Supremacy I
While still at home families and patients had some room to negotiate a diagnosis. But once the patient entered the hospital, any chance to negotiate care, treatment or even access was significantly reduced from breathing room to suffocation. Strangled by bureaucracy with strong red tape. They will give you nothing. No chance. There is no hope for them.
Track Name: Brutal Supremacy II
The locus of power and decision-making shifted away from you to them, from the family and the patient towards the doctor and the hospital. You’ve lost everything.
Track Name: Brutal Supremacy III
Taken to the dark bowels of isolation. Diagnosed. Condemned. Awesome terror permeates the ward. Nurses tremble with thoughts of care. The heavy steel door slams shut. Sealed off, forever, from the life that they had once known. Separated from the rest of the world. Destined to be alone until it’s done with them. There is no hope for them.
Track Name: Plasma Separatist
White gloves/black men. Heads of state say these won’t meet. “Keep them separate. Keep them out. Keep things clean. Let them bleed.” At a time when separation was contested law, help sought met gates shut. Charles Drew died, bled out on the steps of a white’s only hospital. Separate the blood from plasma. Separate.
Track Name: Stress Test
Once critical steps have been taken in securing the fragile parts of your delicate frame the real question becomes: How much can you take? Where’s the threshold? Stress testing begets information. Power obtained from the pleasures of pain. Pain begets information. Knowledge begets power. Power begets success. Success begets the life in your grasp.
Track Name: Monolith
Scientists and the Manhattan Project. Glad hands pushing Trinity’s button. “Now, I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” Man has rediscovered the almighty.
Track Name: Reductive Living
Years of mental abuses that were self-imposed. A life reduced to simple tasks. Breathe. Grow. I am a seed in a bed of shit. Feeble body//strength of mind. Thoughts will wander. I’m still here inside my fate. So many numbers to divide by 3. So many landscapes and beautiful things. Their ugly faces still remind me that life is shit.
Track Name: Efficiency Expert
Ice-pick lobotomy. Split grey from white. Sever all executive functions. Leucotome is set in place. Stabbed through the eye sockets. Freeman slides on gloves to cure the insane. Human expression has been removed. Thought free. He’s made a nation of dismantled wills. Job well done.
Track Name: [sic]
Constant Companion. Blasting powder propels the iron (13 lbs.) through the skull. Massive hemorrhage. Exhausted but conscious. Won’t bend over. Brain falls out from the Constant Companion. “There’s no pain.”
Track Name: White Glove Test
The body is filthy. The body is weak. White gloves remove the cancer. They find rot and corruption. White gloves indicate disease. The body fights itself and loses. They wipe the dust from the corpse. K.J.I. Short, fast, violent actions. They find rot and corruption. They indicate disease. White gloves testing our resolve.
Track Name: Deep Brain Stimulation Device
Tremor-free hours come with a hidden cost. Stimulated brain device implanted deep within. They will track your indiscretions and keep track of your misdeeds.
Track Name: Nothing
At the end of your life, your useless, worthless life, you will regret your time. You’ll suffer. You will have nothing to show. Nothing but pain. You will have pain. You will regret the time you spent living. Dying with nothing but pain.
Track Name: Industry Endings
Christofilos designed “directed energy”. A weaponized curiosity zeroed in. Big ideas with small success. A crackpot’s animosity directed and focused. “Theoretical physics ending the cold war is just like saying a lab coat cured the sunburn.” The eyes are always watching. Industry endings? The eyes are always watching. It is never over.

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